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Demica Insight Q4 2021: Keeping Trade Moving


In this edition of our Insight webinar series, we discuss how volumes closed out for 2021 in our key industry sectors, with a special focus on the impact of constraints in the physical supply chain.

We were delighted to be joined by Zeeshan Naqvi, SVP and Treasurer of GXO Logistics to share his perspectives and discuss:

•    What insight Demica’s Platform data can give us into overall industry trends
•    How technology is transforming the logistics industry
•    How large corporates are reacting to supply chain pressures

Our Expert Speakers

Maurice Benisty

Chief Commercial Officer, Demica

Zeeshan Naqvi

Senior Vice-President Treasurer, GXO Logistics

Shikha Kalra

Senior Director, Structuring, Demica