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Demica Insight Q3 2021: The Technology Revolution in B2B Payments


The B2B payments landscape is being radically transformed. For decades, buyers and sellers have had to navigate a complex web of payments infrastructure to do business. No longer.

Collaboration between technology solutions and payments providers are creating a future of reduced complexity and risk, lower costs and automated processes. 

In this webinar, Demica spoke to Mastercard to discuss this new landscape and their recently announced partnership. We also gained the perspective of major North American bank, BMO as well as leading payments technology company, Transcard. Our expert panel covered:

  • Economic trends by sector – what did Q3 data tell us about the economic recovery?
  • How the B2B payments landscape is changing: partnerships, technology and data
  • How the new landscape is democratising access to supply chain finance for businesses of all sizes
  • Audience Q&A

Our Expert Speakers

Matt Wreford

Chief Executive Officer, Demica

David Trecker

Senior Vice-President, B2B Payments, Mastercard

Megan Kells

Head, North American Treasury & Payment Solutions and Trade Finance, Product, BMO

Greg Bloh

CEO, Transcard